Inside the Luftwaffe's rejuvenated Weapons School

Stefan Petersen visits the German Air Force base at Laage to observe how the rejuvenated Weapons School course is seeing Eurofighter, Tornado and A400M aircrews working together for the first time.

Luftwaffe Weapons School [Stefan Petersen]
Eurofighters drop flare during a Weapons School air-to-air training mission over the Baltic Sea. Stefan Petersen

Nobody likes to hear THAT sound during a mission: the radar-warning receiver sending out its pervading alarm. The crew in the cockpit of the Airbus A400M has received an alert that the aircraft has been detected by enemy interceptors on its way to a combat zone. But it isn't alone. Two escorting Eurofighters have turned hard towards the enemy, while the A400M abruptly changes course in the opposite direction to get out of the range of the interceptor’s weapons as fast as possible – it is a high-value target for the enemy jets. They now have to deal with the Eurofighters, leaving the transport plane to complete its mission.

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