Inside the Vulcan’s bomb bay

Watch as Taff Stone, Chief Engineer at the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, discusses the deadly weaponry that XH558 could be equipped with



As one of Britain’s nuclear-equipped aircraft during the Cold War era, the Vulcan could carry – and use of necessary – some of the most potent weapons on the planet. The Vulcan to the Sky Trust’s Chief Engineer, Taff Stone, discusses XH558’s attack capabilities in more detail – from inside the bomb bay itself…

Bomb drop
The cavernous bomb-bay of the Vulcan could accommodate up to 21 x 1,000lb iron bombs or the Blue Steel nuclear weapon, but the latter only if the bomb bay was modified
Four of the seven Black Buck raids were bombing sorties, the remainder being undertaken to destroy Argentina’s radar sites on the islands; thus XM597 was fitted with AGM-45A Shrike anti-radar missiles
Bombs away
RAF Avro Vulcan B2 XM599, dropping 1,000lb bombs


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