Integrator-ER launched

Insitu announced its new Integrator-ER (extended range) UAV at the annual Air Force Association meeting in Washington on September 17. Interoperable with its current RQ-21 Blackjack and ScanEagle UAVs, the Integrator-ER has a satellite communications capability, housed in its newdesign radome. The satcom capability allows it to cruise 300 nautical miles (555km) to an orbit, remain there for six hours and then return to base.

The Integrator-ER can carry multiple mission packages with associated datalinks, including electronic warfare and electrooptical/ infrared sensors, with an integrated laser target designator. Like the Blackjack and ScanEagle, the Integrator-ER is runway independent, launched from a catapult and recovered by a skyhook engaging a cable.

While previous Insitu UAVs have been operated by the US Navy. Marine Corps and Coast Guard, the Integrator-ER is being ofered to the US Air Force as a supplement to its current leet of larger UAVs. Insitu has ofered to provide Integrator-ERs as a contractor owned, contractor operated service.