Iran Air Orders

Iran Air has recently finalised a large agreement with Airbus in what will result in one of the largest airline fleet renewals in the Middle East. The order comprises 46 A320 Family aircraft, 36 A330s and 16 A350 XWBs. The first jet from the order, an A321, was handed over on January 11 and flew to Tehran the next day.

Airbus first announced an agreement with Iran Air in January 2016, following the easing of international sanctions on Iran over its nuclear weapons programme. There have been changes between that initial agreement, which covered 118 aircraft, and the final order – most notably, 12 A380s specified in the original commitment are no longer part of the deal. Iran Air also has an agreement for 80 aircraft with Boeing, comprising 50 737 MAX 8s, 15 777-9s and 15 777-300ERs. However, that agreement requires approval by the US Congress before it is finalised.

Mark Broadbent