Ireland’s first quick personnel scanner installed at Kerry Airport

The new technology is set to increase security measures for both customers and staff


International electronics group, Rohde and Schwartz has implemented Ireland’s first Quick Personnel Security (QPS) scanner at Kerry Airport in Farranfore.

With the latest model of the system, the R&S QPS201 – which was launched last year – the airport is able to have a high throughput and enhanced security whilst increasing safety measures on site for both the customers and staff.

Rohde and Schwartz
Photo Rohde and Schwartz

Improved second-generation algorithms are a feature of the technology and mean sensitivity can be increased to boost threat detection while reducing the number of false alarms.

The performance gains also help to reduce post-alarm manual checks and therefore limit physical contact to further ensure social distancing measures are followed.

As the system has allowed for a more efficient scanning time, this in turn balances the effects of incoming X-ray inspection systems which are able to scan items in baggage that had to previously be removed, such as laptops.

“Now is the right time for this investment in the future of Kerry Airport, to meet the heightened expectations for safety and security within our industry,” said Tom O’Driscoll, chief security officer of Kerry Airport. “Having recently installed explosives detection systems for cabin baggage, we are proud to now also adopt this state-of-the-art technology in Ireland, which will set new standards for service and wellbeing.”

 According to the technology company, the new system was introduced at the airport with little disruption to everyday activity. With an easy-to-use design, the graphical displays of the new system mean minimal training is needed, which lets operators achieve full proficiency at a faster rate.

 Potentially dangerous objects, such as metal, ceramic, plastic and liquid, can be detected by the scanner. Due to the low-energy millimetre waves, personal privacy can be maintained whilst capturing high resolution data, further enhancing threat detection.

Rohde and Schwartz are a leading technology firm within the sectors of test and measurement, broadcasting and media, aerospace, defence, security and networks.