Japan Coast Guard orders two additional H225s

The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) has placed an order for two additional Airbus Helicopters H225s.

The JCG is the nation’s largest Super Puma operator, with the latest order bring its total fleet to 15, comprising 13 H225s and two AS332L1s. The aircraft are used primarily on territorial coastal duties, performing security enforcement missions and providing humanitarian assistance/disaster relief (HA/DR) support in Japan.

Japan took delivery of its first Super Puma – an AS332L1 – in 1989. In total, four examples of the AS332L1 were delivered, of which two remain in active service. The H225 entered service in 2008, with 11 having been delivered to the service. The aircraft are based at Kansai Coast Guard Air Station and Tokyo Air Station. The latter is also the home of the JCG’s AS332L1 fleet.

Japan Coast Guard H225 [Airbus Helicopters] #1
Airbus Helicopters

Guillaume Leprince, managing director of Airbus Helicopters in Japan, said: “We thank the [JGC] for its continued confidence in the H225… [It] is well regarded as a reference in search and rescue operations and security enforcement, and we are certainly happy to see these helicopters effectively deployed in Japan through the years. We have delivered three new H225s to JCG in the recent months, within schedule, and are committed to fully supporting its existing fleet, as well as its upcoming deliveries, ensuring high availability for its operations.”

Additionally, the JCG’s H225 fleet is covered under Airbus’ HCare Smart full-by-the-hour material support. The customised fleet availability programme enables the JCG to focus on flight operations and missions while Airbus Helicopters manages other aspects, such as maintenance.

According to Airbus, there is a total of 28 Super Pumas in service in Japan with civil and parapublic operators alongside the Japan Ministry of Defense. These aircraft are employed in a range of roles, including search and rescue, offshore operations, VIP transport, aerial firefighting and cargo/passenger transportation.