146 Professional Updated

Just Flight has released v1.4 of the 146 Professional for Prepar3D.

146-professional (19).jpg

Highlights of this new update include improved exterior glass effects and the flap animations along with various fixes to the autopilot and Active Sky weather radar compatibility.

Just Flight initially released the 146 in November this year. It is an all-new professional-level simulation of the 146 'Whisper Jet' with 30 liveries and eight detailed variants, each with unique flight dynamics.

Both the Captain's and First Officer's positions are modelled with hundreds of functional switches, knobs and controls, while complex custom-coded systems include hydraulic, electrical, fuel and pressurisation along with a functional Thrust Management System (TMS) and comprehensive navigation equipment, including an FMC (Flight Management Computer).

A total of eight variants of the 146 are included in the package; the 100 to 300 passenger variants, the 200QC and QT, 300 QT, RAF CC. Mk2' Statesman' and C.Mk3 – offering a wide variety of configurations, ranges and flight operations across the world.

Moreover, the exterior models feature 4K textures and the latest Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials to produce realistic metallic, plastic and glass surfaces. Animations consist of trailing-edge flap mechanisms, spoilers and large tail-mounted airbrake as well as all passenger and cargo doors. It also comes with details such as dynamic lighting, 3D sounds and custom effects from condensation and contrails to realistic exterior lighting.

The Real 146

Dubbed the 'Whisper Jet', the BAe 146 began under Hawker Siddeley in 1973 where the high T-tail, short undercarriage, four engines and distinctive airbrake were chosen to produce a regional airliner with short-field performance and quiet operation. The 146-100 first flew in 1981, followed by the stretched 200 series in 1982 and 300 series in 1988.

Three 146-100s were purchased by the Royal Air Force in 1986, which were operated by The Queen's Flight, designated the CC. Mk2' Statesman' and equipped with VIP cabins. The aircraft were used to transport the British Royal family and senior members of the UK military and government.

The 146 was also popular with cargo operators due to its excellent capacity and low engine noise, allowing for night flights into city-based airports. Two cargo variants were developed, the convertible passenger and freight variant (QC) and the freight-only Quiet Trader (QT). The Royal Air Force now operates two 200QCs, designated the C.Mk3. The 146 was flown globally by more than 30 carriers, from the UK, US, Europe and Australia.