Just Flight Releases Real Taxiways Europe

Real Taxiways for Microsoft Flight Simulator greatly enhances the default airports in Europe by adding a full complement of accurately placed real-world taxiway signs at airports in 40 countries, with many new sign types and new sign textures. Signs are also more readable and match real-world charts with the correct fonts and sizes.

Just Flight Real Taxiways Europe

Black Square's Real Taxiways has been designed by real-world aviation professionals to fix problems such as inaccurate taxiway names, unrealistic signs and objects placed in the middle of taxiways, resulting in unique airport signage that is functionally identical to its real-world counterparts.

Just Flight Real Taxiways Europe

The package enables you to navigate airports using real-world taxiway diagrams and online ATC at thousands of enhanced airports. It is designed to be frame rate friendly and have no impact on performance.

Just Flight Real Taxiways Europe


  • 1,165 airports updated with 41,500+ taxiway signs
  • Real-world taxiway names
  • Near real-world taxiway sign placement
  • Taxiway signs match ICAO standards and country-specific naming conventions
  • Multiple variations of all sign types
  • Double-sided taxiway signs
  • Sign sizes are appropriate to the airport
  • Hundreds of airport sign 'personalities' for an authentic experience
  • No signs obstructing taxiways or runways
  • Drastically reduced lights on active taxiways at airports without green centreline lighting (~90%)
  • Signs are easily readable from the cockpit without zooming
  • LAHSO markings removed where they are not present in the real world
  • Destination signs match real-world charts
  • Closed taxiways updated and signs added
  • Sign text padding corrected and more readable.

Please note, this add-on is not compatible with the Xbox edition of MSFS.