RJ Professional development update

Following the release of the 146 Professional Version 2, Just Flight has unveiled a new development update for the upcoming RJ Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The pressurisation system in the RJ is made from the ground up.
The pressurisation system in the RJ is made from the ground up. Just Flight

Due to the similarities between the 146 and RJ fuselage dimensions, the passenger cabins have been integrated into each of the RJ variants. The cabins will include the same feature set as those in the 146 Professional V2 update, with some changes being made to reflect the differences between the two variants, such as the forward vestibule attendant panel and bright/dim switches for the cabin lighting in the RJ. These features are still in development, so no screenshots are yet available.

Other features from the 146 Professional will also be making a return in the RJ Professional. The RJ Professional will release with features including automatic cabin crew simulation, boarding simulation, failures, paper charts and checklists, state saving, SimBrief integration and Navigraph charts support, making the RJ Professional Just Flight's most feature-rich aircraft yet.

In the cockpit, significant progress has been made on the RJs systems. Although some of the systems may look similar to those in the 146, there are several differences in how they operate. The pressurisation, which was semi-automatic in the 146 is fully automatic in the RJ and has been completely recoded from the ground up.

The systems coders and flight model developers have been working together to simulate the FADEC system, which provides the RJ with better fuel economy, increased engine reliability, improved engine performance, and an autothrottle system.

The FADEC system for the engines will be simulated.
The FADEC system for the engines will be simulated. Just Flight

Most of the RJ's systems are very close to completion from a coding perspective, and Just Flight is getting close to having a build to fly fully simulated flights. Some of the final items on the to-do list revolve around the aircraft's navigation systems and the integration of the GNLU-910A FMS with the aircraft's autopilot. This integration is ongoing, with the systems and FMS coders working together to ensure the integration is as seamless as possible. Once the FMS has been fully integrated, the developers can begin work on fine-tuning the LNAV and VNAV autopilot modes.

The sound set of the 146 Professional will serve as the foundation for the additional RJ-specific sounds. Finally, one area that has continued to see progress in the last few months is the liveries. Almost 30 high-quality liveries created across the three RJ variants range from some of the oldest operators of the type through to some of the present-day operators and even some special liveries.

No release date has yet been announced but we will continue to update you with the development of the upcoming RJ Professional. More details are available on Just Flight's In-Development section.