Tornado F3 Takes Flight in Prepar3D

Just Flight has announced the Tornado F3 for Prepar3D v4/v5 has been released.

The aircraft has been modelled to a high level of detail and comes with ten 4K paint schemes covering its time in RAF service, realistic payloads and ground equipment.

It features a fully 3D virtual cockpit with smoothly animated 3D instruments, 80s-era glass cockpit displays and custom-coded systems and avionics, including Radar Homing and Warning Receiver (RHWR) display, realistic HUD and tactical radar system.

Both the pilot and navigator positions are included and among the features are functional CSAS and SPILS systems, a range of payload options selectable via a custom 2D panel, navigator displays, realistic warning system, authentic throttle functionality and V/UHF, TACAN and ILS radio units.

The F3 is a twin-seat interceptor version of the Panavia Tornado. Adapted from its original role to counter Cold War threats, its primary role was intercepting airborne adversaries to deter and prevent an air-launched nuclear attack on the UK. It can carry out these roles in any weather due to being equipped with the powerful Foxhunter multi-mode, track-while-scan, pulse doppler air-intercept radar to detect and target hostile aircraft. Although there were numerous problems in its development, it served in its role faithfully and successfully until replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon and it flew its last operational mission for the RAF in March of 2011.