Ka-226T configuration finalised

Russian Helicopters announced on April 11, 2018, that the Indian government has approved the technical configuration of the Ka- 226T helicopter, to be assembled by the joint-venture Indo-Russia Helicopters Limited in Tumkur, near Bangalore.

Up to 200 Ka-226Ts will be delivered and serial production will be carried out in India under an agreement signed between the Russian and Indian governments in 2016.

Andrey Boginsky, Director General of the Russian Helicopters Holding Company, said: “Approval of the helicopter configuration to be delivered and assembled in India means that the technical aspects of the project have been finalised. We and our Indian partners shall commence the preparation of contractual documents in the near future’.

In related news, Russian Helicopters announced on April 11, 2018, that it has developed a training programme for Indian pilots and technicians within the framework of the joint agreement. Under the agreement, five Ka-226T simulators will be commissioned, one of which will be installed at the Ulan-Ude Plant and the other four will be established in Indian Air Force and Army facilities. The Ka-226T light utility helicopter features a coaxial main rotor system, has a max takeoff weight of 3.6 tons (7,900lb) and is capable of transporting up to 1 ton (2,200lb) of payload. Nigel Pittaway