Keflavik Prepar3D

The latest destination from MK-Studios is Keflavik for Prepar3D version 4.

The package is a detailed rendition of Keflavik Airport and the surrounding area with accurate mesh coverage and an updated ground layout, airport infrastructure and parking stands that match the real airport.

Surfaces such taxiways, runways and airport buildings feature PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials along with precipitation and snow effects. Other highlights include realistic dynamic lighting with directional taxiway centreline lights and approach lights with correct brightness based on weather, time of day and visibility. Support for animated SODE jetways, VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) and windsocks is also included.

The package comes with simplified versions of Akureyri (BIAR), Ísafjörður (BIIS) and Grímsey (BIGR) airports and the surrounding areas at no additional cost.

Main Features

  • 50cm/pixel satellite resolution for the approach area and airport
  • Mesh coverage for the airport surroundings
  • Over 10 000 accurately placed autogen buildings and vegetation
  • BIAR and BIIS airport enhancements (to work with ORBX Open LC EU)
  • Accurate and detailed airport infrastructure based on real sizes and dimensions
  • Detailed AFCAD adjusted for AI add-ons
  • Over 10 000 accurately placed autogen buildings and vegetation
  • Terminal interior model (simplified for maximum performance)
  • Optimized Dynamic Lightning
  • Compatible to all major traffic add-ons
  • Optimized to take advantages of the P3D V4.5 SDK.