Kenya orders six MD530Fs

Kenya’s plans to acquire up to 12 MD530F armed light helicopters is progressing, with MD Helicopters receiving an order for six MD530F Cayuse Warriors.

The order was announced on 27 September and covers logistic support, aircraft systems and ground support equipment. Deliveries are set to take place between April and August 2019.

Kenya’s MD530Fs will be outitted with a full complement of mission equipment including ballistic armour protection, FN Herstal.50 calibre HMP 400 machine gun pods and M260 7-shot rocket pods for 70mm rockets.

Kenya requested the purchase of 12 MD530F helicopters in May 2017, at a proposed cost of $253 million, including weapons, ammunition and support, to replace its MD500 leet.

The Kenyan contract is part of a wider five-year $1.4 billion contract to supply up to 150 MD530F/G helicopters to allied air arms.