Key West for X-Plane

The latest US airport to be released by Orbx is KEYW Key West International Airport for X-Plane 11.

Key West benefits from year-round sunshine, tropical delights and stunning sunsets. Situated on an island that is only 8-square miles, the 5,076ft runway currently accommodates aircraft up to the Boeing 737-700. The short runway, combined with high temperatures, often means pilots face hot-and-high challenges during take-off. Additionally, Key West Seaplane Adventures is at Key West offering scenic flights around the islands.

Orbx has recreated the airport with detailed 3D buildings, PBR (Physically Based Rendering) effects and static aircraft to bring the airport to life. The surrounding area is modelled with ultra-high-resolution satellite imagery, including buildings, hotels and significant landmarks, and smaller details such as road signs and benches. The satellite imagery blends seamlessly with the water and surrounding area, with reefs visible below the water near the runway.

The package is designed for smooth performance and visual detail and is compatible with TrueEarth US Florida.

Key West International Airport is available on Orbx Central for AUD$32.95 (approx. $24.71/$16.66/€15,15/£12.85).