Key.Aero's Top 5 Historic Stories From 2020!

As we draw closer to the end of 2020, Key.Aero takes a look back at the top 5 most popular features from the year of the lockdown!

5. The Theories Behind One of Aviation's Strangest Tales

Key.Aero dabbled in the world of conspiracy theories earlier this year when we considered the many speculations behind one of aviation's strangest mysteries. In 1944, a B-17 Flying Fortress crash landed in Belgium and left everybody clueless when it was discovered to be empty of people. Who had been the crew? Where were they now? What had happened? The answers remain a mystery to this day, although many have their own theories. In this feature, we explored these possible theories; could any be true?

4. How the Spitfire Accidentally Invented Crowdfunding

In the year when everybody came together despite being physically apart, Key.Aero explored one of the very first instances of the public coming together in support of a good cause. Many know that the Supermarine Spitfire was the poster girl of World War II and that it bought much hope to millions of people. But most aren't aware that the warbird itself was paid for by the very people it was helping to protect: the public. In this feature, we told the story of how anybody could buy a part for what would go on to be the world's most legendary fighter plane!

3. How a Female Soviet Pilot Changed the History of Women in Aviation

Key.Aero's retelling of the story of the Night Witches introduces Marina Rastova, a tenacious female pilot with overflowing quantities of courage. Her strong-minded approach in confronting Joseph Stalin landed her with a victory that made the Soviet Union’s military aviation sector an unlikely bastion of progressive and inclusive attitudes to feminism. Rastova was granted three all-female flying regiments. These regiments earned the name of the Night Witches among the enemy - in this feature, Key.Aero told their story.

2. The B-17's Most Incredible Stories

In this listicle, Key.Aero delved into some of the lesser known, yet still incredible stories of the B-17 Flying Fortress. From the tale of the Memphis Belle to that of The Little Skipper, we told of how the bomber became known as one of the sturdiest and most reliable of its time.

1.  Made of Wood, Held Together with Four Bolts: de Havilland’s WW2 Game-Changer

No round-up of Key.Aero's top 5 stories of the year would be complete without de Havilland. 2020 saw the 100 year anniversary of the pioneer aviation company, and as a special homage to this we provided a week of pure de Havilland content. One of these features focussed on possibly the most famous de Havilland aircraft of them all: the Mosquito. Watch the video where we spoke to one of the curators of the de Havilland museum, the only location in the world to house three Mosquitoes under one roof!