Kickstarter campaign for A320 Flight Control Unit launched 

Kav Simulations has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a realistic Airbus A320 Flight Control Unit (FCU) LCD display for flight simulation.

The A3xx FCU LCD prototype.
The A3xx FCU LCD prototype. Kav Simulations

Kav Simulations founder, James Kavanagh, explained: "There are many expensive hardware options out there. For flight simulation enthusiasts, it can become an incredibly expensive hobby. That's why we've worked tirelessly to produce a cost-effective option that allows Airbus A320 family flight simulation fans the opportunity to fly with life-like hardware." The team also partnered with Airbus pilots to produce a real-life replica with particular attention paid to the colour and font.

Final product design.
Final product design. Kav Simulations

With the units being ready to be manufactured and released, the company is looking for the backing of the flight simulation community for the final push. "There is a range of pledge options available for individual and bulk buying. Each of these gives pledgers a discounted price on their order."

Final product design front view.
Final product design front view. Kav Simulations

The team has tested the invention with MobiFlight and have developed their own version of MobiFlight firmware that supports the FCU LCD, which can freely be downloaded from GitHub. Furthermore, any new firmware that is developed will always be freely available. With MobiFlight on board with the project, there are possibilities for future development.

LCD and  backlight, front and back.
LCD and backlight, front and back. Kav Simulations

More information is available on the Kickstarter website.