Korsar completes state tests

Russia’s Korsar UAV has completed its state tests and will enter production, along with the rotarywing Kotran UAV, Deputy Defence Minister Yuriy Borisov said in a recent TV interview.

The Luch design bureau at Rybinsk developed the Korsar system, starting in 2012. The first prototype flew in 2015. Deliveries to the Russian military for test and evaluation started in 2016. It has been used operationally in Syria. The Korsar has a 100-mile (160km) combat radius and ten hours’ endurance with a ceiling of up to 20,000ft. Designed to operate from surfaced runways, its wingspan is 6.5m (21ft 4in), length 4.2m (13ft 9in) and maximum weight 200kg (440lb). Cruising speed is 65kts (120km/h) and maximum speed 81kts (150km/h). While the Korsar is capable of being armed with the AT-16 Scallion (9M120 Ataka) 6,000m-range (19,685ft) anti-tank guided missile, it is uncertain whether it has yet been integrated with this weapon. The Korsar’s primary mission remains intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. David C Isby