Lancaster wing and nose swapped at East Kirkby

Work is continuing at the home of Just Jane in Lincolnshire to keep the aircraft taxiable while also working towards returning it to the skies

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre’s Avro Lancaster Mk.VII NX611 Just Jane is undergoing major work as part of a longer-term plan to make the East Kirkby-based bomber airworthy.

The current focus is on swapping out the nose section and port wing in exchange for those from Lancaster NX644, the latter belonging to French organisation les Ailes Anciennes. This ensures that while the removed parts are restored to airworthy condition, Just Jane will remain complete and taxiable during this year’s show ‘season’. Staff at East Kirkby have already restored NX644’s port wing to taxiable condition – it and all associated parts will be returned to the French group when the process is complete. With thanks to Martin Keen

Lancaster NX611 is undergoing major work at East Kirkby
Lancaster NX611 is undergoing major work at East Kirkby All images LAHC-Martin Keen