LEED Gold status for Istanbul iGA

The new Istanbul Airport terminal, which was declared fully operational last year, has qualified for LEED Gold environmental status certificate. The US Green Building Council (USGBC) has officially registered Istanbul Airport’s terminal building as the largest LEED-certified building worldwide.

Commentating on Istanbul Airport’s official LEED Gold registration, Kadri Samsunlu, CEO and director general at the İGA Airport Operation company, said: “This good news has brightened up our day in these difficult times of the world’s fight against COVID-19. At every stage at Istanbul Airport, from its design process to construction and from the construction process to commencement of operations, we have always paid ultimate attention to take all our steps in line with our targets of sustainable development. By virtue of this implementation model, we have qualified to receive the LEED Gold certificate that made us the world’s largest LEED Gold-certified building.”

Mr Samsunlu said compliance with sustainability principles was the most important component of İGA’s corporate culture: “We have set the ‘Zero Waste’ approach as a key success factor and have put sustainability to the core of all activities that are being carried out at Istanbul Airport. Thanks to this approach, we have qualified to receive the LEED Gold certificate.

“The LEED Gold certificate has been the cherry on top and is the biggest proof that we are on the right track. As a reflection of our respect to the world and most notably with the sustainability approach we have committed ourselves to, we will for sure continue to work with all our strength to leave a viable world to future generations.”