Libya orders Hurkus C

A contract for the purchase of an unspecified number of Turkish TAI Hurkus C close air support and training aircraft has been signed by the Libyan Air Force (LAF), with the backing of the Libyan Government.

TAI Hurkus C
A fully armed Turkus C mock-up. The type has now been ordered for the Libyan Air Force TAI

The agreement was finalised with signature of the deal on May 19 between LAF Chief of Staff Major General Mohammed Al-Sifaw Quilt and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) officials. No details were given on an expected delivery schedule.

Libya had for many years been seeking to purchase the Hurkus. The Niger Air Force has also bought the Hurkus C, becoming the first export customer on November 18, 2021. Azerbaijan is also showing keen interest in the type, two being demonstrated to the Azerbaijan Air Force in Baku on December 3 last year.