Lisbon Airport Upgraded

MK-Studios has updated Lisbon for Prepar3D to version 1.3.

The new update features a new installer and scenery registration system along with improved PBR ground and building textures.

Other highlights include SODE VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) and new precipitation and lighting effects.


  • Changed grass colour to appear more dry
  • Added red navigation lights on the buildings
  • New realistic dynamic lightning
  • Small autogen adjustments around the airport
  • Satellite images corrections and slight resolution increase.

Initially released in September 2018, the package from MK-Studios represents the airport as it is today, featuring detailed buildings and terminal interiors. The gates have correct numbers along with SODE animated jetways and a GSX-based docking system. Other highlights include an up-to-date ground layout and optimized dynamic lightning, which changes depending on runway condition and time of day.

The surrounding area is also covered with satellite imagery at a resolution of 50cm/pixels as well as autgen objects for Lisbon City, which features 3D night lighting and 36 famous landmarks and bridges. Custom mesh for the city and airport area is also included.

The package is currently available on a Black Friday sale with a 50% discount for €11.50 (approx. £9.80/$12.70).