LM-100J’s launch operator

Pallas Aviation in Texas will be the launch operator for the new LM-100J commercial freighter.
Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin recently announced the launch operator of its new LM-100J commercial freighter. Pallas Aviation will receive two examples of this new production variant of the C-130J Super Hercules.

Pallas Aviation will provide management services and operational control of the two aircraft, offering heavy-lift/oversized cargo capability into and out of unconventional airports and remote locations. The company will operate the aircraft from Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Texas, for “a specific set of clients in multiple findustries”, said Lockheed Martin.

Pallas Aviation President Emory Ellis said: “In choosing the LM-100J, we have access to one of the newest cargo freighters that happens to have one of the most proven pedigrees in aviation.

“The LM-100J offers an outstanding performance record, reliability, experience and unmatched capabilities.”

Lockheed Martin announced the LM-100J freighter in 2014 as an updated version of the legacy L-100 Hercules commercial variant.

The company delivered more than 100 L-100s to private and government operators from 1964 to 1992. Along with Pallas, other announced LM-100J customers so far are Shannon-based ASL and the Brazilian company Bravo.

The first test LM-100J, N5103D (c/n 5818), flew on May 25, 2017, followed by the second, N5105A (c/n 5814), on October 11, 2017.

The first aircraft was instrumented for avionics testing and the second for handling and performance and some avionics work. Federal Aviation Administration certification is due by the end of 2018. Lockheed Martin also offers a fireighting version of the LM-100J called the Fire Herc. Mark Broadbent