Loganair bids fond farewell to the Saab 340

Scotland’s Loganair has retired its venerable Saab 340 fleet after more than 24 years of service.

The final flight, aptly designated LM340, flew from Kirkwall to Inverness before departing for its final leg down to Glasgow Airport, following the path of the airline’s first-ever Saab 340 flight.

A workhorse for the regional carrier, its 20 airframes completed more than 430,000 flights, both passenger and cargo, and carried in excess of 8 million customers over their lifetime.

G-LGNA (c/n 340B-199) operated the last flight and was met in Glasgow with a salute by water cannons, and a piper on the tarmac, before taxiing into Loganair’s hangar.

Jonathan Hinkles, CEO of Loganair, said: “It really is a historic moment for Loganair. The Saab 340s have been essential to our operation of island services over the years, connecting remote communities with the mainland and delivering over 8 million customers along with food, newspapers, pets and mail.

LM340 taxis in at Glasgow Airport following its final flight.
LM340 taxis in at Glasgow Airport following its final flight. DYLAN MORRISON/LOGANAIR

“As someone whose aviation journey was prompted by a strong passion for flying, I am personally very sad to see these aircraft go, but we look forward to introducing our new ATR fleet to our customers who will love the space and comfort they offer.

Kent Lindgren, vice president, sales and marketing at Saab Regional Aircraft, who was on board the flight, said: “Loganair has been a valued customer and operator of Saab regional aircraft for a quarter of a century. Professional operators are essential to any aircraft’s success, and Loganair really stepped up to form an important part of the Saab 340 and 2000 community. Flying in some of the world’s harshest environments, Loganair’s operation has been of immense value to Saab, both as a testament to the quality of the platforms and for the technical feedback this has given us.

“Saab would like to thank Loganair for 25 years of safe Saab operations, serving so many Scottish communities and allowing regions and relationships to prosper.”

The Saab 340 is being replaced by Loganair’s new ATR aircraft. It currently has a 17-strong fleet of the Franco-Italian-built type comprising seven ATR 42s and ten ATR 72s.