Logistics firm launches self-service platform for security checkpoints

Passengers are able to travel through security without coming into direct contact with an agent

Material handling and logistics company, Vanderlande has launched its PAX Divest Assistant, a new self-service application for airport security checkpoints.

The innovation is hoped to allow passengers to pass through the divestment process without the need for a local agent, therefore contributing to a seamless experience whilst helping to enhance safety.

Photo Vanderlande 

Self-service amenities have been implemented in airports globally, although security checkpoints still heavily rely on interactions between agents and passengers. Due to the pandemic, physical contact should be kept to a minimum.

The logistics firm has developed the new assistant so that agents can be stationed remotely, allowing them to make contact with passengers via video call. According to Vanderlande, this increases flexibility to airports whilst creating a safer environment for staff and passengers.

“Vanderlande sees a future in which security screening is a seamless process and passengers can enjoy a stress-free journey through the checkpoint. We believe that the launch of this new solution is the next step towards achieving this vision, moving towards a situation where efficiency and the passenger experience go hand in hand,” said Andrew Manship, Vanderlande’s executive vice president and board member.

The company is the leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses. Its baggage handling systems have been implemented at 600 airports internationally, with the capability of sorting 48 million parcels every day.