London Control update

An updated version of the London Control air traffic control simulator, produced by Dale McLoughlin at DM Aviation, is now available.

New flight plans were added across London Area Sectors and Terminal Control Centres.
New flight plans were added across London Area Sectors and Terminal Control Centres. London Control

The development team has spent the past six months bringing the simulator up to date. The most significant work was implementing the West Airspace Development (WAD), which added systemised airspace and free route airspace in southwest England. Redundant airways and waypoints were removed, new ones added and flight levels were updated to ensure the correct coordination with adjacent sectors.

Several real-world SIDs and STARs had changed or replaced altogether, and these had to be incorporated into the simulator and checked against sector coordination. The call radius and menu layouts were also amended to ensure there was no interference with the revised sector layouts.

New flight plans were also added, bringing the total to 15,000 across London Area Sectors and Terminal Control Centres, as well as increasing the total number of aircraft to nearly 12,000, which includes crossing and military traffic. These were then checked against the Standard Route Document and the Route Availability Document to ensure compliance with flight plans on routes that terminated outside the London Control area. Further updates planned throughout the next twelve months and beyond include enhancements to the sound files along with updated documentation, revised standing agreements and full-colour sector maps.

The base installer and the 2023 update are available on the London Control website for £39.95. The 2023 update plus patch files up to December 31, 2024 are available for £36.95. The 2023 update only can be purchased for £24.95 -