London Luton launches new digital services

Contactless food ordering and portable chargers are amongst the new innovations to help prepare for the restart of air travel

London Luton Airport (LLA) has recently announced a series of new digital services to help improve customer experience whilst travel begins to resume.

Contactless solutions have become increasingly popular to prevent physical contact. LLA Market Place is a platform that allows passengers to order food and collect it to avoid queues and limit human interaction.

London Luton Airport
Photo London Luton Airport

The service can be accessed by scanning a QR code from the armrest of designated seats or via the airport’s website.

Free and unlimited Wi-Fi has also been implemented throughout the hub, making it easier to access the food ordering platform.

“As well as improving the passenger experience, these new services are part of the airport’s efforts to keep passengers safe,” said Clare Armstrong, head of passenger services at LLA. “Pre-ordering food via a mobile device reduces the number and duration of face-to-face interactions passengers need to make while ordering food.”

Furthermore, digital kiosks have been installed which allows passengers to scan their boarding passes, to show the time of take-off, gate number and quickest route to the departure point. It can also recommend places to eat and shop if there is time before the flight.

Luton has launched a partnership with ChargedUp, Europe’s largest phone charging network. Customers can use portable power banks made available from 11 stations within the terminal – the first of its kind in any UK airport, according to the company.

This helps implement social distancing measures by alleviating the need to crowd around power supply points.

Passengers are able to take the device on their flight, with the option to return it upon their arrival back to the UK or they can purchase it.

“Our fast, unlimited Wi-Fi and portable chargers allow passengers to move about the terminal knowing that they can rely on their mobile device while travelling, while our digital kiosks provide all the information a passenger needs for their journey,” Armstrong concluded.