Los Angeles in a New Light

Regular Airliner World reader, Matthew Givot, has been in touch to share details of a short film that he and some friends have just wrapped up at Los Angeles International (LAX).

As Matthew explains: “The idea was simply to capture the beauty of LAX airport, but as we started to capture this from the normal vantage points, we quickly realised that we were going to need access. My friend Chris was able to arrange this, and [three years ago] the project was officially started.”

The result, in Matthew’s own words is “some very unique footage”, which offers a fascinating insight into operations at one of the world’s busiest commercial aviation hubs. Partners on the project include Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, Los Angeles World Airports and American Airlines. A final cut of the video, which the team partly shot on a $100,000 Red Dsmc2 Monstro 8k camera, is now available to view. As a special treat for Key Aero readers, Matthew has also shared an 18-minute long-form edit that offers even more detail and beauty, which we’ve also shared below.