Los Angeles for X-Plane Upgraded

ShortFinal Design has updated KLAX - Los Angeles International HD to version 1.1.


The latest release includes the long-awaited switch from AutoGate to SAM jetways, introducing dual jetways and better functionality. Other changes consist of an updated airport layout with the new taxiways L and K and the midfield concourse can now be seen in the distance. Additional minor improvements include new airport vehicles, rain effects, and optimised memory usage.

Full changelog:

  • Replaced AutoGate with SAM
  • Added midfield concourse (not in use yet)
  • Updated taxiway layout (Added taxiways L and K)
  • Drastically reduced VRAM consumption
  • Updated most airport vehicles with brand new PBR models
  • Added weather effects to ground textures
  • Added PBR materials to all cars
  • Added Vulkan compatible GroundTraffic (Windows only)
  • Updated concrete ground textures
  • Updated runway skid marks
  • Updated ramp layout at Terminal 8.

Existing customers can download the update for free using their org store account.