Luftwaffe's "Carbon Warrior" breaks cover

The Luftwaffe (German Air Force) has a tradition of giving special paint schemes to both its Eurofighter and Tornado combat aircraft, highlighting anniversaries or for NATO's annual Tiger Meet. It seems the air arm is at it again with the newly painted 'Carbon Warrior' breaking cover.

The aircraft in question, Eurofighter 31+18, operated by Taktische Luftwaffengeschwader 73 (TaktLwG 73) 'Steinhoff' in Laage, is different to previous special-schemed aircraft due to the fact it has not been painted at all. Instead the base’s personnel covered the aircraft in foil with support from a private company. 

German Typhoon [Mathias Grägel]
Eurofighter 31+18 "Carbon Warrior" during practice flights at Neuburg air base in mid-October. Mathias Grägel

The special scheme has been given to 31+18 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Eurofighter in service with the Luftwaffe, with TaktLwG 73 receiving its first aircraft in 2004. The air arm ordered a total of 143 aircraft and could potentially be equipped with more if the German government opts to purchase more of the type to replace the ageing Tornado ECR/IDS fleets.

The scheme is expected to be around for some time, with it being confirmed to attend the Bundeswehr Day on June 13, 2020, to be held at Laage, its home base. 

Thanks to Mathias Grägel for providing the image and information regarding the aircraft.