Luxembourg Air Force

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is to buy its own military aircraft for the first time. Minister of Defence, Étienne Schneider signed a €145 million contract with Airbus Helicopters on March 21, 2018, for five helicopters.

The type involved was not mentioned, but in January 2018 it was reported the government had approved purchase of two H145Ms, which at the time were assumed to be for the police. In his March statement, Schneider said two helicopters will be delivered to the Grand Ducal Police, while three will serve with the Luxembourg Army.

Earlier in the month, Minister of Defence, Étienne Schneider confirmed that Luxembourg should receive a single Airbus A400 transport aircraft in 2020 in partnership with Belgium at a cost of €197 million. The statement was made in response to a paliamentry question on March 9. Jerry Gunner