The Marvellous Moynet Jupiter

Fighter and test pilot, member of parliament, government minister, racing driver… André Moynet was a man of many talents. No wonder that when he came up with a light executive aircraft, it was decidedly out-of-the ordinary. Thanks to an outstanding restoration effort, one of the two flying examples is now back in the air...

 The sole flying Moynet 360-6 Jupiter, F-BLKY, in the hands of Espace Air Passion vicepresident Christian Ravel and co-pilot Étienne Voisin.

Which aircraft links the first man in space, the first Concorde test pilot, the first woman to fly faster than sound, and a man considered among the greatest exponents of the contemporary chanson? The answer: the Moynet Jupiter, France’s ‘push-pull’ tandem twin, tailored for the burgeoning business and high-end private flying market. Yuri Gagarin, André Turcat, Jacqueline Auriol and Jacques Brel all flew in this innovative design, but only two flying examples were ever to be built.

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