Matternet investment

Matternet was the first company worldwide to receive authorisation to launch UAV operations over densely populated areas. Boeing

Investments continue in start-ups exploring the area of on-demand delivery using unmanned vehicles in urban areas. A recent example is Boeing’s HorizonX division investing in a Californian logistics company called Matternet.

Matternet received permission from Swiss authorities last year to operate on-demand deliveries of medical samples to hospitals in Switzerland for Swiss Post, and in May 2018 was selected to participate in a joint US Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation

Administration programme to undertake the on-demand delivery of medical supplies and samples for hospitals, universities and transportation agencies in California and North Carolina.

Boeing HorizonX Ventures Managing Director Brian Schettler said Matternet’s technology and track record “make the development of a safe, global autonomous air mobility system a near-term reality”. He said Boeing’s investment would enable the company to scale up its operation and strengthen Boeing’s position in the sector. Mark Broadbent