Mi-171A2 Certification

Type certification for the Mi-171A2 upgrade of the Mi-8/Mi-17/Mi-171 family of helicopters is slated to be received in mid-August 2017. The first productionstandard examples are expected to be rolled out by early 2018.

UTair, Russia’s biggest commercial helicopter operator is the Mi-171A2 launch operator as set in a memorandum signed between UTair and Russian Helicopters on May 25. The memorandum foresees cooperation between the two companies for improving the Mi-171A2’s technical publications, setting-up a logistic support system for the type and improving its capabilities.

At the same time, Russian Helicopters and Gazprom, Russia’s gas exploration and distribution company, signed an agreement for development of a specialised Mi-171A2 variant for offshore transport. Gazprom has also committed to order an undisclosed number of Mi- 171A2s to be used to support future offshore gas platforms in Russia’s Arctic region.