Mi-35Ms delivered to Nigerian Air Force

On April 30, 2018, the Nigerian Air Force took delivery of two additional Mi-35M attack helicopters from Russia, out of an order for 12 announced in September 2015. The two rotorcraft arrived at NAF Base Makurdi aboard an Antonov An-124- 100 transport aircraft with their main and tail rotors detached, and were due to be reassembled by Russian and Nigerian technicians before flighttesting. Some Nigerian personnel underwent training in Russia, as pilots and technicians on the Mi-35M as part of the contract with Russian Helicopters. Nigeria’s first two Mi- 35Ms arrived in December 2016 and were introduced into service the following April. The Nigerian Air Force said the aircraft have been making a significant contribution to counterinsurgency and internal security operations in the country, particularly through their nightfighting capability. The Nigerian Air Force is combating an active Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast using fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and armed CH-3 UAVs. Guy Martin