Tiny Combat Arena Enters Early Access

MicroProse's new flight combat simulator, Tiny Combat Arena, sports a stylised retro look and various game modes. Dogfight your way in the arena in quick action or create scenarios and take part in a vast war with objectives and armies.

Tiny Combat Arena aims to strike a balance between a simulator and an approachable and customisable air combat experience representing a fictional Cold War-era conflict.

It is all about the fun factor of flying, dogfighting and close air support, creating engaging and deep gameplay. You can jump in and fly by quickly or create missions with dogfights, strike objectives, and ground units to support.

Plan your moves on the strategic map; pick objectives, identify threats and choose which units to support and where to make a difference.

The in-game database gives players detailed statistics on vehicles, aircraft, and weapons and provides guidance on approaching different tactical situations.

Tiny Combat Arena is available on Steam with a 30% launch discount for £10.84. Normal price is £15.49.