Microsoft Flight Simulator January 9 Development Update

In the latest update, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team revealed the second wave of invites for Tech Alpha 1 are due to be sent out next week.

Starting next week (January 13 to 17) the second wave of invites for testing Tech Alpha 1 will be sent out. Anybody who registered for Tech Alpha 1 but has not been selected will be sent an email starting next Monday.

The team also said the Tech Alpha 2 release candidate is being finalised and the build will be rolled out shortly. They are currently tracking to the following timeline:

  • January 20 – Begin sending Tech Alpha 2 invitations
  • January 27 – All Tech Alpha 2 invitations sent
  • January 27 – Tech Alpha 2 ready for download, begin sending build access emails
  • January 31 – All wave 1 Tech Alpha 2 emails sent.

Anybody participating in Tech Alpha 1 testing, will automatically be granted access to Tech Alpha 2.

The last December update mainly focused on the SDK (Software Development Kit).

According to the team, they have made good progress on the SDK in recent weeks and are confident that an initial preview version will be ready as early as mid-January. The preview version will allow interested third-party developers to have a first look at the SDK, provide feedback and send requests/wishes to help the team prioritise the work moving forward.

Latest Development Roadmap

SDK Timeline

  • SDK – Preview Version release moved back to mid-January
  • SDK – Official V1 release expected March 2020.

Feedback Snapshot
Finally, the team posted the first draft of the Feedback Snapshot. This document is work in progress on so expect another update in a few weeks that contains more information on the progress on each entry.

Finally, the team released the following new screenshots from the new simulator: