Elstree & Shoreham Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator Released

EGTR Elstree Aerodrome for Microsoft Flight Simulator

A general aviator’s delight and uniquely placed for fast access to London, this aerodrome started out in the 1930s as a small landing strip. It came into its own during World War Two when it was used for the overhaul and repair of military aircraft.

Key Features

  • PBR textures throughout
  • High-res custom ground polygons
  • True to life details, including ground vehicles, passengers, flight school and the local pilots’ favourite, the 3 Greens Restaurant
  • Fully custom modelled airport
  • People models display depending on season and time of day
  • Created from on-site photography.

EGKA Shoreham (Brighton) Airport

Shoreham Airport, also known as Brighton City Airport features a stunning coastline, green countryside and classic British towns. Being the oldest licensed airfield in the UK, Orbx has gone to great length to recreate the art deco style terminal building.

Key Features

  • Projected mesh ground imagery
  • Highly detailed art deco terminal
  • Custom ground poly with effects
  • Custom modelled airport buildings with PBR
  • Custom modelled landmarks.

EGTR Elstree AUD$17.99 (approx. £10.03)

EGKA Shoreham AUD$17.99 (approx. £10.03)

Orbx is offering a 20% discount bundle when purchasing both at the same time.