Microsoft Flight Simulator New Alpha Build Available

Asobo Studios has released Alpha Build version 1.2.10 for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator.


The new update adds additional content, bug fixes and an updated list of known issues. One of the highlights in this release is the Airbus A320, which is now available for community testing. This is a key step in the development process as the team works with the community to finalise the aircraft for launch.

Though this is the first version of the A320, the team hopes the community will help test many of the systems. For example:

  • Fly by Wire system including some of the flight-envelope protection features and new airliner-specific autopilot and auto-throttle functions.
  • MCDU (flight management computer)
  • FCU (autopilot control panel) functions.
  • SIDs and STARs
  • High-altitude flight
  • Long-range missions
  • Land with autobrake and ground spoilers
  • Newly implemented ground handling features such as jetways, refuelling trucks, baggage and catering, pushback and ground power carts.

At this stage, some complex systems are not included in the aircraft - the focus is on the ones that were ready to be tested. Some indications may be missing or not final, and some displays may show anomalies. Many of the autopilot and autothrottle functions work, but some are still work-in-progress. You will be able to fly ILS and visual approaches, but full approach functionality is not ready in this version. Expect updates to the MSDU functionality and audio during our next round of updates.

Other general issues that have been addressed are:


  • Airport Life improvements
  • Bug fixing
  • Addition of tarmac workers in airports
  • Improved parking spot settings based on aircraft type
  • Improved ground service vehicles visuals and behaviour
  • Air Traffic behaviour improvement
  • Performance impact fixed
  • Ground service vehicles can be used/called through ATC
  • Baggage loader
  • Ground power unit
  • Passenger boarding ramp
  • Fuel truck
  • Catering truck
  • Airport area elevation improvement in generic airports.

Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

  • Performance and stability changes


  • Changes made to UI allowing users to save/load assignment mapping easier


  • Traffic nameplates no longer obscure other players
  • Installation issues/duplicate packages fixed.


  • Fixed installation issues with duplicate files/not removing old directories.