World Update XI: Canada Now Available

Asobo Studio has released World update XI: Canada for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest world update improves the scenery for Canada with upgraded urban architecture, accurate coastlines, tundras, glaciers and mountain peaks.

Prince of Wales Hotel.
Prince of Wales Hotel. Microsoft

The package includes the latest geospatial data, as well as digital elevation models, satellite imagery, and aerial photography. The update also improves 12 urban regions with the up-to-date photogrammetry data, including Halifax, Sherbrooke, Abbotsford, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal, Regina, Calgary, Victoria, St. Catharines, Laval and Vancouver.

Halifax Citadel.
Halifax Citadel. Microsoft

Other highlights are 87 handcrafted points of interest such as bridges, lighthouses, hotels, towers, stadiums, castles, observatories and historic sites. Handcrafted airports include Bella Coola (CYBD), Castlegar (CYCG), Dawson City (CYDA), Deer Lake (CYDF) and Iqaluit International Airport (CYFB).

Haut-Fond-Prince-light tower.
Haut-Fond-Prince-light tower. Microsoft

The scenery comes with three bush trips (Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, and the Canadian Rockies), three landing challenges (Castlegar, Barkerville, and Calgary) and three discovery flights (Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto).

S.S Klondike National Historic Site.
S.S Klondike National Historic Site. Microsoft

World Update XI: Canada is available for free to all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator via the in-game marketplace.

Commonwealth Stadium.
Commonwealth Stadium. Microsoft

More information is available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator website.