MiG-29 Retirements


The last operational MiG-29 unit in the Russian Air and Space Force, the 14th IAP (Istrebitelnyi Aviatsionnyi Polk or Fighter Aviation Regiment) based at Kursk Khalino, 90km from the border with Ukraine, is retiring its MiGs. In June, the regiment received its first two Su-30SM multirole fighters to replace the MiG-29SMTs. By the end of the year an entire squadron (12 aircraft) will be equipped with Su-30SMs, followed by the entire regiment. It is not known, where the MiG-29s will be transferred to; probably a training base.

Two other operational regiments, the 120th SAP (Smeshannyi Aviatsionnyi Polk or Composite Aviation Regiment) based at Domna, 350km from the Chinese border, and the 31st IAP based at Millerovo, 20km from the Ukrainian border, retired their MiG-29s between 2014 and 2016, also replacing them with new Su-30SMs. The Russian Air and Space Force still has about 100 MiG-29s assigned to three training bases at Privolzhsky (Astrakhan), Armavir and Kushchevskaya. Two other squadrons still fly the MiG-29; the Strizhi (Swifts) aerobatic team based at Kubinka and another at Erebuni Air Base in Armenia.