Mobile screening pods pave the way for efficient Covid-19 testing at airports

Portable pods could provide airports with the ability to rapidly setup COVID-19 testing centres

Citizen Care Pod, a company specialising in mobile testing, has developed an end-to-end screening solution to aid airlines resume day to day operations safely.

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The mobile screening and testing pods enable COVID safe bubbles to be created. The pods are currently in use at Vancouver International Airport, Denver University and long-term care homes in Manitoba, Canada.

Using smart screening technology, the new portable testing facilities make it possible to screen thousands of travellers an hour whilst establishing safe zones in places such as hotels and school campuses.

Working in conjunction with the Citizen Care Pods is a mobile app.

“The app enables us to improve and document self-quarantining behaviours, validate compliance to organizational policies for minimizing health risks, and document medical testing,” said Zenon Radewych, co-founder and chief creative officer, Citizen Care Pod.


Social distancing measures are in place within the pod using cameras and occupancy sensors which can detect crowd size. Other safety measures in place include mandatory face coverings, speakers to remind people to keep a safe distance and temperature screening cameras.

The pods can inform people as to whether passengers have had the vaccine or not.

“Our blockchain platform can integrate directly into the airline reservation system, airport security system, customs and immigration and border control,” said Radewych.

An important benefit of the new technology is that it allows pre- and post-travel isolation periods to be reduced or eradicated. The company hopes to provide these convenient testing services to relieve some effects of the pandemic, and other viruses that may arise in the future.


Radewych also believes the pods will be used beyond the pandemic: “In addition, our solution is not just a COVID-19 solution. Because Citizen Care Pods are mobile and available in a range of sizes and custom fabrications, they can be utilised in a number of ways for testing and screening as well as for distributing vaccines, providing temporary medical facilities during a crisis or natural disaster, or to safely manage future viral outbreaks anywhere in the world.”

According to Citizen Care Pod, they provide a ready to use solution which promotes passenger and employee safety whilst eliminating the need to build larger and more expensive sites. Radewych reiterates that, “building trust will be a major step in the recovery for the air travel industry.”

Due to its portability, the testing pods can be used inside or outside of airports, ports, and transit hubs.