Modernisation of 11 Finavia airports gets underway

New innovations, such as contactless payment, will help the facilities adjust to a post-pandemic future

Finnish airport operator, Finavia is currently working on the final stages of its large development programme at Helsinki Airport.

The scheme, which began in 2013, increases the terminal area by 45% and the baggage handling and passport control capacity by 50%.

This development is expected to help strengthen the airport’s position as the bridge between Europe and Asia, enabling it to capitalise on future demand.

Photo Finavia 

It has also been an opportunity for the airport company to modernise its pre-existing technology infrastructure, with check-in and boarding systems with Amadeus – an integrated cloud solution – to help deliver improved customer experience.

Finavia serves over 50 airlines alongside their ground handling companies. Throughout 11 of its 20 airports, there are more than 600 check-in desks. Amadeus flow was chosen to modernise passenger handling processes, including software, hardware and other services.

Using the new cloud interface, a single internet link is able to connect any of the airports to Amadeus in which any application can then be deployed in a matter of hours. Passengers are also able to pay with contactless technology, which was the first innovation to be implemented by the company.

The airport pay solution will be deployed from the cloud, which allows passengers to pay for extra services such as extra baggage or lounge access.

“The immediate pressures of COVID-19 and the demands of long-term digital transformation both require a new approach to airport technology,” said Yannick Beunardeau, vice president of airport IT, EMEA, Amadeus. “Airports need to be able to roll out new capabilities quickly and they need to be able to adapt services to changing requirements of passengers. By choosing to run its infrastructure from the cloud with Amadeus, Finavia is ready to innovate for many years to come.”

Due to the flexibility provided by the new cloud infrastructure, the airports, airlines and ground handling companies are able to manoeuvre check-in desks and boarding gates in response to passenger demand.

This feature is also expected to help with seasonal demands at airports such as Lapland, where passengers can check-in and drop off their bags from Lapland’s hotels.

A full hardware refresh is also incorporated as part of the modernisation process. This includes 600 agent workstations, printers and scanners which will be integrated into the Amadeus flow platform.

It is hoped that the innovation will start yielding benefits later this year, with 11 of Finavia’s 20 airports equipped with the new infrastructure by early 2022.