New Hawaiian Destination for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Terrapearl Studios has released Molokai Airport Microsoft Flight Simulator

This rendition of Molokai Airport features hand-crafted custom pavements and tarmac surfaces along with countless objects from a fully modelled baggage claim area interior to tie-down ropes in the General Aviation ramp. It also comes with custom night lighting, including taxiway lights with halo effects.  


  • 100% Full PBR (Physically Based Rendering) effects
  • HDR Lighting
  • Carefully hand-crafted objects placed using the most recent data available
  • Hand-crafted pavement, showcasing all imperfections including dirt, cracks, patches, and 3D effect on the edges (illusion of thickness)
  • Added missing vegetation data in areas surrounding the airport
  • Hundreds of hand placed 3D grass, shrubbery, and weeds
  • Added road textures to the airport and surrounding areas
  • Ground clutter such as crates, barrels, 3D airport workers, vehicles, etc
  • Corrected Mesh
  • Detailed terminal with partial interior (rental car area, baggage claim)
  • Proper airport data (VASI light position, parking spots)
  • Quick support and updates as the SDK (Software Development Kit) evolves.