More than 90% of travellers happy to use health passports, research reveals

The study also found that over 40% said they would book international travel within six weeks of restrictions lifting

Research commissioned by travel technology company, Amadeus and delivered by Censuswide, has identified that digital health passports will play a vital role in the reopening of air travel.

The study – which included responses from more than 9,000 people – found that nine in ten (91%) travellers would be comfortable using a digital health passport for future travel.

This is encouraging for the travel industry and means that plans to develop the health passport can be accelerated due to their demand. It was also found that two in five respondents would book an international trip within six weeks of travel restrictions lifting – highlighting the demand for travel is still apparent.

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However, it was also established that nine out of ten respondents from the survey were concerned about how their health data would be stored.

The main worries people have are security risks with personal information being hacked (38%), privacy concerns surrounding what health information needs to be stored (35%) and the lack of control and transparency of where the data is shared (30%).

As well as addressing concerns, the survey also focussed on how these worries regarding the health passport could be alleviated.

Results show that 42% of respondents said a travel app that could be used across an entire journey with all the data stored in one place would greatly improve their overall experience.

When asked about the technology that has potential to increase passenger confidence, mobile solutions were highlighted as the most popular option. The top three technologies consist of mobile applications that have notifications and alerts (45%), contactless mobile payments (44%) and mobile boarding (43%).