More Airtankers

Each Airtanker has a 3,000 US gallon capacity tank. In 2016, the 14 converted BAe 146/ Avro RJs in North America dropped a combined 12.5 million US gallons of retardant.
BAE Systems Regional Aircraft

Another eight BAe 146/Avro RJs are under conversion to Airtanker configuration for aerial firefighting work in North America. Four are scheduled to enter service this year. Two of this quartet are BAe 146-200s being converted by Neptune Aviation, the third is a BAe 146-200 being worked on by Air Spray in Canada and the fourth is an Avro RJ85 being prepared by Conair/Aero-Flite.

These aircraft will add to the growing BAe 146/Avro RJ Airtanker fleet. Neptune Aviation already operates seven under Exclusive Use Contracts with the US Forestry Service and another for Cal Fire in California, and Conair/Aero-Flite has seven RJ85 Airtankers. The Air Spray aircraft will be the company’s first Airtanker and company has acquired five more BAe 146-200s to convert.

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft supports operators’ conversions and individual tanker designs by providing aerodynamic/ computational fluid dynamics analysis, dynamic loads assessment, structural analysis, technical data packs, flight test planning and analysis, flight test engineers and pilots and technical publications and modifications.