More Challenger 350 milestones

BOMBARDIER ANNOUNCED on March 6 that its super mid-size Challenger 350 is progressing well towards steep approach certification, which will permit landings at a number of airports, including London City Airport.

The landings have to be conducted under strict conditions and a certification has recently been completed at London City, which involved a steep 5.5° approach angle to the airport’s short runway.

Bombardier said the Challenger 350 performed a number of landings and take-offs from the airport to demonstrate the capability under operational conditions. Final certification is expected to occur later this year.

Peter Likoray, Bombardier Business Jet’s Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, said: “With its upcoming steep approach certification, the Challenger 350 jet is cementing its leadership and will offer the most flexibility to our discerning clientele.”

The steep approach capability will be available on new production Challenger 350 aircraft and Bombardier said that existing customers will be able to install the capability as a retrofit option at one of its approved service centres.

In further news, Bombardier announced on February 23 that the Challenger 350 was the most delivered super mid-size business jet in 2017, according to figures released by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). The manufacturer delivered 56 Challenger 350 aircraft during the year, capturing what it says is 53% of the market.

Peter Likoray continued: “The result extends a remarkable record for our Challenger 350, which has tallied more deliveries in the last decade than any other business platform.”

The aircraft entered service in 2014 and surpassed the 200 delivery milestone last year.