Mosquito NZ2308 project build delayed

On 17 April, Mosquito Aircraft Restoration Ltd, the New Zealand-based owners of Mosquito T43 NZ2308 and the Mosquito Pathfinder Trust made a joint statement regarding the rebuild and proposed operation of that aircraft in the UK.

“Since announcing in 2018 that the Mosquito Pathfinder Trust had selected NZ2308 as the airframe to restore to airworthy status”, it said, “a great deal of work has been done to prepare our organisation for this undertaking. Our team was able to secure new corporate support and several substantial pledges from private individuals which would enable us to sign agreements to purchase NZ2308 and start work, in addition to significant progress in the certification value of the airframe.

“So, we were on track to begin the build in the first quarter of this year. To do so we needed to be able to convert those pledges into donations. However, political uncertainties and instabilities have been influential in slowing our progress.

“It is the expressed wish of Mosquito Aircraft Restoration Ltd that the Mosquito should be owned, completed to full airworthy status and find its new home in the UK with the Mosquito Pathfinder Trust. Yet it would be negligent of our organisation to complete on the purchase and to instruct the build programme until sufficient funds are secured, irrevocably, to underwrite, at the very least, a significant element of the project.

It is useful and important for everyone to see the testing circumstances we face as a charity trying to secure financial support

“All our work to establish the trust, build our structures and systems, identify successfully the most appropriate airframe in NZ2308, and to have achieved all the necessary acknowledgements and understandings with regulators in New Zealand and the UK CAA, remain intact.

“All the extensive legal packs and contractual documents necessary for the purchase and to conduct the restoration remain valid by both parties. A commercial understanding to maintain and operate the aircraft in the UK has been secured.

“Working with MAR to safeguard any circumstance that might compromise it while the necessary funding is being secured, the trust decided that the only fair and proper position we could take (if we were not able to complete as planned) was to agree that the airframe be made available on the open market.

“Whilst wishing we were already into production, it is useful and important for everyone to see the testing circumstances we face as a charity trying to secure financial support. Furthermore, it demonstrates that our efforts are genuine, strenuous and illustrates just how much our project depends upon financial donations. The Mosquito Pathfinder Trust would like to extend sincere appreciation to all of its supporters and stakeholders who are working to help return a de Havilland Mosquito to the skies over Britain and Europe. We now, more than ever, call upon the support of the British public, private donors and corporations from across the UK and Europe to help make this a reality.”