MRJ becomes the SpaceJet


The SpaceJet M90 is the freshly-unveiled identity for the MRJ90.
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

The Paris Air Show was the public unveiling of the SpaceJet, the new identity for Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s rebranded MRJ regional jet.

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s chalets sported the new identity and the newly repainted flight test aircraft JA23MJ (c/n 10003) was on show, but more significantly the manufacturer used the show to launch a new variant of the aircraft.

The SpaceJet product family now comprises the SpaceJet M90 (previously the MRJ90) seating 81 to 92 passengers and a new variant called the SpaceJet M100 with 78 to 88 seats. (Development of the 69-seat MRJ70 has been abandoned.)

The manufacturer said the SpaceJet M100 will offer the lowest operating costs of any regional aircraft, the widest and tallest cabin in its class, the roomiest economy seat and the largest overhead bin capacity.

A statement said: “The SpaceJet M100 is designed to adapt to specific market needs while maintaining strength of performance …In the US market, the aircraft is optimised to be scope clause compliant in the 65-76 seat, three-class cabin configuration.

“It can also be flexibly configured for other global market needs up to 88 seats single class, with industry-leading operating economics throughout the full range of configurations. The SpaceJet M100 similarly offers unmatched emissions and noise reduction and exceeds all the latest ICAO environmental standards.”

The SpaceJet M90, already in development and testing, will enter service in 2020. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation said it has “significantly matured its commercial aircraft capabilities” through working with the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau and the Federal Aviation Administration to establish a certification system and undertaking type certification flight testing in Moses Lake, Washington.