Local Legends 12: The Dornier Do X Flying Boat out now

The latest aircraft in the Local Legends series for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the Dornier Do X Flying Boat.

The aircraft includes a driveable tug.
The aircraft includes a driveable tug. Microsoft

Designed by Claudius Dornier, the Do X performed its maiden flight in July 1929 on Lake Constance. It was powered by 12 610hp V-12 piston engines, making it the largest and most powerful hydroplane ever to take to the sky.

Known as the "flugschiff," or flying ship, the Do X was a symbol of luxury and innovation. With a capacity to accommodate up to 100 passengers on the main deck, complete with a lounge, bar, and dining area, it offered an opulent airborne experience. The upper deck provided accommodation for a crew of up to 14, along with the aircraft's control systems, including the cockpit, engine room and radio station.

The luxurious interior is recreated in detail.
The luxurious interior is recreated in detail. Microsoft

The Dornier Do X in Microsoft Flight Simulator is meticulously modelled using data from historical sources. It sports a detailed external model with three liveries and an interior, including the cockpit with authentic instruments and a period cabin. The Dornier X is available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for $14.99.