NATO Tigers 2017

Marine Rafale


The 53rd edition of the NATO Tiger Meet was held at Base de’Aéronautique Navale Landivisiau, France between June 5-16. The event featured many striking tiger paint schemes including resident Rafale M No.36 assigned to 11F seen prior to take-off on a composite air operation on June 7.

Ian Harding

Czech Gripen


Four Vzdušné síly armády Ceské republiky (Czech Air Force) JAS 39 Gripens from the 21.Základna Taktického Letectva (21.zTL or 21st Tactical Air Base) at Cáslav attended the NATO Tiger Meet at Landivisiau including tiger marked JAS 39C 9241 from the 211th Tactical Squadron.

Ian Harding

Tiger Hawkeye


Aéronautique Navale E-2C Hawkeye No.2 from Base de’Aéronautique Navale Lann-Bihoué provided airborne early warning and control during both the main composite air operations staged for the 2017 Tiger Meet, and shadowed missions supported by a Fleet Air Arm Sea King ASaC7 and a NATO E-3A Sentry.